Nerve dissection layer 1


This is the entry level into the nervous system. If you select the related images button now you will see numerous other links to nervous system anatomy, or you can dissect down through the body image to the left and study the various nerves of the peripheral nervous system. These nerves are best seen if you use the zoom tool and magnify the image.
The first level in the nerve dissection involves exposing the cutaneous nerves, those branches of the nerves that innervate the skin. To see these nerves, the skin and subcutaneous layers must be carefully dissected. After removing the epidermis and dermis, the nerves were isolated in the hypodermis and then tediously isolated from the surrounding adipose tissue. The fascial connective tissue was removed from the muscles to provide a better background to display the nerves.
Move the mouse over the nerves to study their names and observe and imagine their areas of distribution in the overlying skin that has been removed from the body. Remember these are cutaneous nerves that innervate the skin, and they do not innervate the muscles seen below them in these images. Again, these nerves are best seen if you magnify the image.

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